What we all have in common is our love of fiber and knitting. We’re also committed to making sure that our customers come away with the same love!

Joan has owned Yarns Unlimited for 22 years. She has the best stash in the world and always is knitting for one of her many grandchildren.

Anne is our artist in residence. She wears everything she knits with great style! Not only is she a prolific knitter, she draws, embroiders, paints and more and does it all fabulously!

Cathy has been knitting, sewing, embroidering and doing needlepoint since a teenager. A Flight Attendant in her past life, she tries (unsuccessfully, at times) to keep us all organized.

Dawne is the newest member of our family. A long time customer, we recently convinced her to come join our yarny doings. Not only is she a sweet lady and terrific knitter, she also has floral talent! Come in and say “hi” to our new recruit!

 Joanna is a terrific finisher and a sometimes obsessive knitter. In her spare time, she is a coxswain for local masters rowing teams. (PS-Ask her about knitting Barbie clothes!)

Kitty is a technical writer by training and trade. She is also an accomplished lace knitter. Ask to see what’s on her IPad that she’s planning to knit next!

Pam is the continental knitter among us. She is also an accomplished flutist. Not only does she teach Beginning Knitting, she has taught flute for years.

Rebecca our overachiever! She knits, designs, spins and dyes yarn. A student at a local divinity school, she is working on a special project that is due to be finished on Valentines’ Day 2013.

Sandy a lifelong knitter and seamstress-Sandy actually admits to having a huge stash! She also spins and weaves and occasionally takes part in Sheep to Shawl competitions. She has recently begun playing the harp.





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Hibernating Woolies…

Well, yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to put your woolens away for a long summer’s rest.  We thought we’d give you a peek into one knitter’s slightly obsessive method for knit storage. Maybe you can take away a few ideas for yourself.;-)

First thing is to give your knits a good wash.


This is important, because stains from body oils or food spills attract those little varmints that we are trying to stay away from.  I don’t wash everything before I put it away, but definitely cowls (they spend a good bit of time around your neck, don’t they?), and any other items that you know were rubbing up against skin.  Any sweaters that you wore a lot, or spilled carbonara on and didn’t wash right away, into the sink they go.  I use a nice gentle soap just for knits, like Eucalan, but you may have your favorites.

After a good soak and a gentle but thorough squeeze to get the water out, lay them flat to dry, like so-



Choose a spot that is undisturbed, so your knits can dry at their own pace.  I use this method for starters and if something isn’t dry in a day and 1/2 or so, I move it to one of those foldable rack thingies that you can pick up cheaply at Ikea or Target. That gets the air flowing all around and drying more quickly.  Please don’t try this in a damp basement, or you will be given smelly knits for your efforts.  Humidity is not a friend of yours when you are washing hand knits!

On to the actual storage…


Pack up your totally dry knits, tuck in some lavender, cedar chips, or our super cute Vetivier sheep.  I use heavy plastic zip bags (the kind that new sheets, etc come packed in) and pop in some lavender.  I count myself to be very fortunate to have a cedar closet, but if you don’t, do not fear!  Use the very same plastic bags to seal everything up really well.  It’s really important in this case that what you put away is CLEAN!  and don’t forget the lavender, cedar or Vetivier.

You’ll be so happy when fall comes…




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